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Welcome to our blog. Here we sell various branded toys such as Fisher Price, Mamalove, Little Tikes, Safety 1st and mixed again. We also sell children stroller brand. Most of our items are taken directly from Singapore. Although we sell USED ITEM but the quality of our products the same with new item.Our products guaranteed 100% original and the price is cheap .. Come shopping with us.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Stroller Urban De Tour

RM 550.00 inc pos
3 tayar n menggunakan sport rim
stroller nie amat susah untuk dapatkan yg 2nd hand
mmg cantik condition nyer seperti dalam gambar
biase yg 2nd rm1000+++...

Stroller Lucky Baby Capella ( Sold )

RM 320 inc pos

Fisher Price Bouncer Vibration

RM 180 inc pos

Stroller Haenim Baby

RM 390 inc pos
Faulty : Satu klip patah separuh di tempat pengikat baby tapi masih boleh digunakan.Tidak menggangu pn klip 2 cme nk bagitau k.Yang lain semua complete.( information k) thats why i give murah jerk..
3 tayar..mmg trend terkini.

Play n Learn Tent Playground

RM 190 inc pos

Fisher Price Play n Learn Table

RM 100 inc pos

Fisher Price Bicycle For Ride

RM 190 inc pos

Stroller MacLaren Volo in Pink Color ( SOLD )

RM 520 inc pos

Stroller Graco

RM 320
Price inc postage

Combi Car

RM 110 inc pos

Playskool Ball Popper

RM 100 inc pos
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Fisher Price Table Music

Item : Used
RM 100.00 inc pos

Stroller Combi In Orange Color ( SOLD )

Item : Used
In very good condition
RM 350.00